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Systems Administration Helper

Systems Administration Helper is a WPF program designed to help administrators who use ActiveDirectory or OpenAudit to perform tasks on their remote computers from one easy-to-use interface.

The following tasks can be accomplished for one or multiple computers:
  • Remote desktop
  • Wake on Lan
  • Ping
  • Remote execute (PsExec)
  • Copy files and folders


You need to have either ActiveDirectory or OpenAudit installed in your network for the program to work. To configure the program just edit the applicationContext.xml file located in the "configuration" folder.

Make sure the "configuration" folder and the PsExec.exe are located realtive to the folder where SystemsAdmin.exe is.

How to Use

The compiled binaries are located in the "Executables" folder. After editing applicationContext.xml with your values, you can open SystemsAdmin.exe. A list of the computer listed in OpenAudit will be shown, you can select a computer and then click on the action you want to perform.


If you have questions please create a new discussion in

Thank you for using Systems Administration Helper,
Juan Tarquino

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